What is Evertel?

Evertel is a secure, CJIS compliant, messaging and document application used by law enforcement. It can be used to securely communicate with both your own agency members and guests from outside your agency.

IMPORTANT TIP | Use it as if it were a department computer system. Keep content and discussions professional and related to your office and work.

Messages can be sent to individuals directly or to groups by using the team room feature.

Documents can also be stored that capture incident details in a searchable format. The details of these documents can be securely shared with outside agencies. The documents are only available to whom you choose to share with.

Documents can also be used to manage and maintain details about your office such as pre-shift inspections, daily log, incidents, etc.

Next Steps after Paying Subscription?

A message will be sent to us after you submit payment. We will then contact you to validate your credentials and create your account. You must be a Constable or Deputy Constable to be able to sign up for an account.

We will need your county, oath of office, and photo id.